Petreflections Children’s Book

in Progress!



About the Book: Tommer’s Earthly Friends is a children’s story where Tommer Sun discovers and befriends creature images from Earth’s reflection in water. The Petreflection friends teach Tommer how to respect the Earth and to have no fear of the Earth. When bulldozers change the water level in the lake the Petreflections have to leave. Tommer grieves the loss of his friends. Overtime, Tommer accepts that life must go on and he continues to discover new friends on the Earth.

Behind the Book: Kathy has been working on this book concept for many, many years. The mock up is constructed and illustrated by her, but presently the book is being professionally illustrated and she hopes to have it published in the near future.

Vision: Kathy feels strongly that this book is a way to get children outside and discover the magic and the beauty of the natural world. She hopes that children will one day play outside again instead of staying indoors with technology.