About Kathy Lowe


I come from a “show-biz” family. My dad was in Vaudeville and my mom was in the circus. My dad sang with his brother Tom, so I sang with my sister, Susie. Growing up, there was always music and juggling and swinging around the house. I learned to play guitar on my dad’s trick break-away guitar that he used in the act. I began writing songs at age eleven. When I was 16 and my sister Susie was 17, I entered a jingle contest on WBZ radio in Boston. We won!! It was so amazing, our first plane ride, money to spend, hotel all paid for, off to California we went. That was an inspiration to me. I kept writing. Singing with my 3 sisters has been and always will be a big part of my musical world. And we are always inspired by our Family History of Vaudeville.  We can get pretty crazy!!!  There’s nothing like resonating with the girls!!  After high school I went to Paris, France and lived four years traveling around singing and recording for the first time. My partner was Pat Woods. We wrote songs together and recorded two albums. I wrote a couple songs in french. We made it to the “Bobino,” the Carnegie Hall of France. 

Since my return from France in 1974, I spent some years pounding pavement reaching for fame, but with little direction. I got out of my head and into my heart and began letting people into my space of sound and music. No longer did I sit up on stage and just sing to the people. I wanted them to sing with me. Thus was born my technique of writing and finding songs that people could easily access and sing quickly together. 

I sharpened my songwriting word-play skills in the 90's, when I worked with best selling author, Richard Lederer. We spread the English language all around the world, in presenting our show, "Dances with Words.”

A lot of my style developed while working with children. Children want to join and feel it all happening; adults want to, but they fear it. I want to make it safe for them to join and feel a part of it all. I love to gather with people and allow everyone to participate. Studying music therapy and sound healing, has helped this process. It’s really more about energy than music. Every other week, I host a sound healing/drum circle at my home.

Now I bring my music to schools, nursing homes, hospitals, VA Centers, and coffeehouses. Together with my photography ("Petreflections"), performance art, songwriting, and other musings, I wear a different hat every day.

I am married to Peter Bloch, a woodturner: www.woodshades.com  and a Licensed Certified Drone Pilot. earthaerialproductions.com  Peter’s aerial view of earth has helped me create music videos from a new perspective with the sisters and friends. (see videos: “The River of Love,” “Nirvana Keoka,” and “Float your Boat.”  Peter and I share our creative endeavors and support each other in all that we do. (Check out those wood lampshades, and videos) Our “one soon wonder,” Tom was raised up as a cello player, a soccer goalie, a canoe paddler, a smart dude and a sweet man. He is married to Ali Hare and they live in Brooklyn, NY, and work in NYC. Every day holds a richness, and we’re grateful for our unfurling realities.  All of life is resonance and rhythm: everything is a love song.

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Lowe Family Show Biz History on New Hampshire Chronicle

February 2015

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