Healing Music

Music Therapy: Being primarily a performer and growing up in a  “Show Biz”  family, I felt like I had that part down, but something was missing in my performance. I began studying the therapeutic elements of Sound/MusicGroup Resonance/Rhythm and Healing. I attended many seminars and worked with Molly Scott, Sarah Benson, Jonanthan Goldman, John Beaulieux, Steven Schatz, Don Campbell, and many many more, all since 1987. I began to feel the results of focusing on therapeutic sound.  I became more connected to myself in my performance. This experience brought me closer to my audience and felt drawn to including them more with group singing activities.My overall exploration into “Music in Other Realms,” has led me to start my own “Circle,” offer Sound Healing Workshops, Create Drum Circle, Work with Alzheimer and Dementia Populations, and Children’s Music.

Sound Healing/Drum Circle: For 30 years, I have hosted a “Circle” at my home.  I built a circular building where I hold the Circle all year around. It is open to men and women. We all address a theme for the night which often aligns with the seasons here in New Hampshire.  There is personal ritual, drumming, chanting, movement, spiritual crafts sessions, ritual activities on the earth, and being around the open fire when weather permits. We meet every other Monday night.  Pot Luck Supper at 6pm……Circle from 7-9pm.   There is no FEE. Please send me your email if you would like to be on a notification list when Circle is happening.


Music with Alzheimers and Aging Population: I so enjoy offering music to various facilities around the state. As the aging population accumulates memory in the brain, there is a precious place where music memory resides and appears to remain available to the person who is singing their olds songs.  This is such sweet blessing for the aging person.  It always brings smiles to the eyes and heart when they connect with a memory through songs from their younger years.