where earth meets water: A PHOTOGRAPHIC Exploration

It all began in the spring of 1997. My husband Peter, son Tommer, and I went on a vacation to Lake Powell in Utah.  I was in a small motor boat and I leaned over to pick something up off the floor of the boat.  In doing so, my head was sideways, parallel to the shore line. The water was still and the rock canyon came down straight into the water.  And there it was, clear and true, a tribal looking figure that reminded me of ancient art from some tribal culture. It looked like a petroglyph, thus, evolved the term, “Petreflections,”  merging the words reflection and petroglyph. The rock reflected in the water creating a mirror image, and this “clear illusion” of a being emerged. I had my camera on board so I took a shot.  I thought that if this comes out, I would display it vertically so the illusion was the main image seen, just as it happened for me when my head was sideways. This first photograph is the one entitled “Tribal Warrior.”  Over the next few days, I was continually in search of still water and the beings which lie there naturally between the water and the earth. It was fun and exhilarating to discover these images.  All of my photographs with no plant life are from Lake Powell.

When I got back to N.H., I began searching for images in rivers, lakes, and ponds.  I was thrilled to see how the added greenery in the picture was a powerful element to the final image. Even reflected shadows were able to be captured.   So now I’m in constant search. If I see something that could produce an image, I’ll climb down any terrain, just to get the picture. 

I enjoy sharing these photos.  I love it even more when others share with me something that I don’t see. What do you see????

Another dimension of these photographs has slowly come into fruition.  I seem to develop relationships with the creatures in the photos.  I have sensed that they have much to share with the world.  Thus, I have built a performance art production entitled, “Petreflections Live,” co-created and directed by David Cleveland.  The creatures come alive through mask, costume, drum, song, and dance.  Also, a children’s book is in the works.  I continue to answer to the endless possibilities of this reflection concept.


A Visual/Musical Interpretation of the Petreflection Concept

Pechakucha Night in 3Arts, Portsmouth, NH, Aug., 2018. 20photos/20 seconds to talk about each photo. In this presentation, I shared how my personal connection to the earth has been embellished by witnessing earth’s reflection in water. My songwriting is also ringing out here as I align personal resonance with my interpretation of the natural world.


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