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  • Listen Here “Above Water” - Eleven original songs sung into the overflow valve of a million gallon water tank – for a relaxing reverberated journey (CD). 2005

  • Listen Here "It Sounds Like This" - Original children's songs (CD) 2003

  • Listen Here "Chants Awakening" - Original chants of inner peace, mindfulness and opening to love (CD) 2001

  • Listen Here "Wishing You Peace" - Thirteen original Christmas carols in the spirit of old and new traditions (CD) 1999

  • Listen Here “No Separation” - A mindful collection of earth, spirit, and songs of universal love (CD) 1998

  • Listen Here “The Rhythm of Nature”- A family rhythmic delight of songs about nature, peace, & Native American themes (cassette) 1995

  • Listen Here “10 Year CD”- 22 of the best original songs over 10 years. Collected from 6 previous recordings (CD) 1993

  • Listen Here “Dances With Words”- Collaboration with author, Richard Lederer. Songs about the English language (cassette or CD) 1992

  • Listen Here “When I Grow Up” - Original songs for kids, ages 3 -10 (CD) 1991

  • Listen Here “Love Lights a Tree” - One song written to inspire hope for cancer patients, survivors, and their families. The $5 goes to the American Cancer Society (cassette or CD) 1991

  • Listen Here “Hear And Now”- Original songs of love, light, & humor. Acappella, strings, & multi-vocals (cassette or CD) 1987

  • Listen Here “Merry Solstice”- A family Christmas tape, original & traditional tunes with Lowe family participants. (cassette or CD) 1985

  • Listen Here “Looking Back”- First US recording, original songs that are classics in Kathy's repertoire (cassette or CD) 1984

NOTE: Two albums recorded in France in the 70's are also available as home-burned CDs.

Physical CDs are available for purchase directly from Kathy by email

Each CD is $12 including postage.

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