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I’ve been writing songs since age 11. I was very inspired at a young age, by my Uncle Tom Lowe, who was an amazing playwright and songwriter. I recorded my first album in Paris at 18 years old. After nearly 50 years of writing and performing, I enjoy seeing where the songs end up. I enjoy hearing other groups and choruses perform my material. My genres range from Children’s Music, Original Christmas Carols, Earth Sprit Drum Chants, Humorous Word Play Songs, and Tunes of Love and Connection. All of my recorded projects are engineered by Gerry Putnam of CedarHouse Sound and Mastering of North Sutton, NH. Original Music CDs of non-children genre, are: “No Separation” and “Chants Awakening” (Earth, Spirit, Rhythm, Love, Peace) “Above Water,” (Sung into large water tank in NH, songs for ethereal listening and inspiration) “Dances With Words” (Songs of the English Language/Wordplay with Richard Lederer) “Wishing you Peace” (Original Holiday Seasonal Carols)